Outdoor Firepit




A clean and modern take on an outdoor firepit. Made in 1/4" thick steel, this geometric firepit brings the campfire to you in an elevated format. A raised, removable grate provides airflow for the fire to start and maintain itself with ease while its positioning holes provide drainage for water.


Options include a removable stainless grill which adds the possibility to cook over direct or indirect heat while allowing space to tend the fire underneath. The poker is also stainless steel with a yakisugi blackened oak handle and hanging strap. Finally a spark screen is available for municipalities where burning can be a hazard. The steel is intended to rust to a natural orange/brown.





24"W x 24"L x 14"T




Steel, stainless steel accessories, oak handle




Natural, intended to rust


List price


$800 USD / $1075 CDN


Lead Time


4-6 weeks







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